Monday, June 18, 2012

how was keith's FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND?

Yes, Richard "Rick" Hunt is as dumb as he looks?
On Saturday June 16, I was supposed to go to Kings Dominion with Rick along with his best friend Chris and Chris's boyfriend Paul.  Unfortunately I didn't go.  Here's how it all went down. . . 
Drama erupted that morning after Rick tried to get me to tell Chris Happy Birthday over the phone.  I was a little apprehensive but I did so anyway and felt some fever coming in on his end of the phone.  So, I told him to drop the attitude, then I hung up. 
Chris called Rick back and rapped to him for a minute.  I knew it was about me but I let it slide.  I just continued to get ready.  Chris and Paul arrive around 1:40 PM.  Rick went out the car to meet them and then came back inside to get me, however I just wasn't ready yet.  So Rick went back outside and when I finally got out there, they were gone.  They left me.  I couldn't believe it.  It only took me a good five minutes.  How could Rick leave me like that?
Here's the kicker.  As I was standing outside, I called Rick on the phone and guess who snatches the phone from Rick?  Chris.  I told him to put my boyfriend back on the phone.  He said, No, talk to the person you have beef with.  I'm like, I don't have any beef with you.  Put my boyfriend back on the phone.  He continued to ramble on as he uttered that this is not the Keith Show.  WTF?  I told him, Fuck you and I hung up. 

Seconds later, I called Rick back cursing him out as to why he would give his phone to Chris.  I really didn't have any beef with Chris until then.  So I told Rick to give the phone back to Chris at which point I threatened to whip his ass once Paul brought my boyfriend back home.  Or should I say ex-boyfriend.

So I took my clothes off and started to think of ways that I could retaliate.  To this day, I just couldn't believe how Rick could just leave me like that?  I would have never done that to him.

To make a long story short, Rick came home around midnight.  We instantly started going at it.  Yelling, cursing, the usual.  He then said, I'm tired and called the police on me.  It's okay for him to call the police on me for cursing him out but when he put his hands on me at least eight occasions he wouldn't let me call the police.  I tried to rectify the situation only because I didn't want to get kicked out.  We talked it out and he apologized.  Although at this point, there is no more Rick and I.  I consider us to be over and I am never meeting any of his friends.  Right now, I'm just using him for a place to stay.  Fuck Rick.  Fuck Paul.  Fuck Chris. 

For me it was another sad weekend.  That day, I just watched TV including the movie Why Did I Get Married Too?

Sunday June 17, I woke up a little after noon and I gave Teon a call only to wish him a Happy Father's Day.  He didn't pick up so I just left him a message.  He called back at 7:09 PM and I just didn't have the guts to speak to him.  So I hit Ignore on my phone.  You got to realize that I haven't heard his voice in over a year.  March 4, 2011 to be exact.  Anyways, he left me a voicemail message that I still have saved on my phone.

In conclusion, my weekend was shitty.  Another GAY PRIDE weekend with no pride in sight for me.  My life truly sucks! 

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