Thursday, January 31, 2013

what's keith READING?

SUCCESS . . . . . Acts 20:24 We often feel that life is a failure unless we’re getting a lot out of it: glory, fun, money, popularity.  But Paul though life was worth nothing unless he used it for God’s work.  What he put into life was far more important than what he got out.  Which is more important to you—what you get out of life, or what you put into it?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

what's keith READING?

BE HAPPY . . . . . Acts 13:42-45 The Jewish leaders brought theological argument against Paul and Barnabas, but the Bible tells us that the real reason for their denunciation was that they were jealous.  When we see other succeeding where we haven’t or receiving the glory that we want, it is hard to be happy for them.  Jealousy is our natural reaction.  But it is tragic when our own jealous feelings make us try to stop God’s work.  If a work is God’s work, rejoice it it—no matter who is doing it. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

what's keith READING?

CRITICISM. . . . . Acts 8:24 Do you remember the last time a parent or friend strongly criticized you?  Were you hurt?  Angry?  Defensive?  Learn a lesson from Simon and his reaction to Peter’s words.  Simon exclaimed, “Pray to the Lord for me.”  When you are rebuked for a serious mistake, it is for your good.  Admit your error and ask for prayer. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013


A heartfelt documentary that focuses on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the District of Columbia and the city’s lack of direction and funding for its growing epidemic.  So many of the stories touched me—from Jimmy, a 35 year old male who dies of AIDS while residing at the government sponsored program, Joseph’s House to Ron who spends his time exchanging needles for drug addicts.  And J’Mia—a mother of three living with AIDS who is losing her home due to the city’s decrease in funding for its subsidized housing program.   This documentary really hits home for me because it really is close to home.   I can’t stress how truly blessed I am even while living with AIDS.  Without government assistance I wouldn’t have access to medical care or even my antiviral medications.  And it’s pieces of work such as this that remind me that I am not going through this disease alone and that I should have the courage to be honest, open and to stand up for this silenced disease. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

what's keith READING?

LOOK BACK. . . . . John 12:16 After Jesus’ resurrection, the disciples understand many of the prophecies they had missed along the way.  Jesus’ words and actions took on new meaning and made more sense.  In retrospect, they saw how Jesus had led them into a deeper and better understanding of his truth.  Stop now and think about the events in your life leading up to where you are now.  How has God led you to this point?  As you grow older, you will look back and see God’s involvement more clearly than you do now.  Let this truth encourage you to live a life of faith today. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

what's keith READING?

WHAT’S HAPPENING? . . . . . John 9:2-3 A common belief in Jewish culture was that calamity or suffering was the result of some great sin.  But Christ used this man’s suffering to teach about faith and to glorify God.  We live in a sinful world where good behavior is not always rewarded and bad behavior is not always punished.  Therefore, innocent people sometimes suffer.  If God took suffering away whenever we asked, we would follow him for comfort and convenience, not out of love and devotion.  Regardless of the reasons for our suffering, Jesus has the power to help us deal with it.  When you suffer from a disease, tragedy, or handicap, try not to ask, “Why did this happen to me?” or “What did I do wrong?”  Instead, ask God to give you strength through the trial and offer you a deeper perspective on what is happening. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

what's keith READING?

BELIEVE IT. . . . . John 4:50 This nobleman not only believed that Jesus could heal, he also obeyed Jesus by returning home and thus demonstrating his faith.  It isn’t enough for us to say we believe that Jesus can take care of our problems.  We need to act as if he can.  When you pray about a need or problem, live as though you believe Jesus can do what he says.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

what's keith READING?

BITTER TEARS. . . . . Luke 22:62 Peter wept bitterly because he realized he had denied his Lord and because he had turned away from a dear friend who had loved and taught him for years.  Peter had said he would never deny Christ, but he went against all he had boldly promised.  Unable to stand up for his Lord for even 12 hours, he had failed as a disciple and as a friend.  We need to be aware of our own breaking points and not become overconfident or self-sufficient.  When we fail, we must remember that Chris can use those who recognize their failure.  From this humiliating experience Peter learned much that would help him in the leadership responsibilities he soon would assume. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


File:Bad Teacher Poster.jpg
For anyone who envies the hot looks and body of Cameron Diaz, this movie is for you.  For anyone who jacks off to one bad ass teacher with a need for narcotics and a want for a boob job, this movie is for you.  And for anyone looking for a movie that will have you rolling on the floor laughing from the beginning and straight to the end, this one is for you.  Truly one of the best comedies I’ve had the pleasure of watching over the past couple of years. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

what's keith READING?

OPPORTUNITY. . . . . Luke 15:30 In the story of the lost son, there is a contrast between the father’s response and the older brother’s reaction.  The father was forgiving and overjoyed.  The brother was unforgiving and bitter.  The father forgave because he was joyful, and the son refused to forgive because he was bitter.  The difference between bitterness and joy is our capacity to forgive.  If you are refusing to forgive people, you are missing a wonderful opportunity of experiencing joy and sharing it with them. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

what's keith READING?

ON TOP. . . . . Luke 14:7-11 Jesus advised people not to rush for the best seats at a feast.  People today are just as eager to raise their social status, whether by being with the right people, dressing for success, or driving the right car.  Wanting a nice car or hoping to be successful in your career is not wrong in itself—it is wrong only when you want these things just to impress others.  Whom do you try to impress?  Don’t aim for prestige; look for a place to serve.  If God wants you to serve on a wider scale, he will invite you to take a higher place. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

what's keith READING?

MOTIVES. . . . . Luke 11:52 Jesus criticized the Pharisees harshly because they (1) washed their hands but not their hearts, (2) remembered to tithe but forgot justice, (3) loved people’s praise, (4) made impossible religious demands, and (5) didn’t accept the truth about Jesus and prevented others from believing it.  They wrongly focused on outward appearances and ignored the condition of their hearts.  We do the same when our service is motivated by a desire to be seen rather than from a pure heart and love for others.  Others may be fooled, but God isn’t.  Don’t be a Christian on the outside only.  Bring your inner life under God’s control; then your outer life will naturally reflect him.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

what's keith READING?

TOUGH LOVE. . . . . Luke 6:27 The Jews despised the Romans because they oppressed God’s people, but Jesus told them to love these enemies.  Such words turned many away from Christ.  But Jesus wasn’t talking about having affection for enemies; he was talking about an act of the will.  You can’t “fall into” this kind of love—it takes conscious effort.  Loving our enemies means acting in their best interests.  We can pray for them and we can think of ways to help them.  Jesus loved the whole world, even though the world was in rebellion against God.  He asks us to follow his example by loving our enemies. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

what's keith READING?

NO EXCUSES. . . . . Mark 14:71 It is easy to get angry at the Jewish Sanhedrin for their injustice in condemning Jesus, but Peter and the rest of the disciples also contributed to Jesus’ pain by deserting him (Mark 14:50).  While most of us are not like the Jewish leaders, we are all like the disciples, for all of us have been guilty of denying Christ as Lord in vital areas of our life.  We may pride ourself that we have not committed certain sins, but we are all guilty of sin.  Don’t excuse yourself by pointing the finger at others whose sins seem worse than yours. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

what's keith READING?

SIMPLE. . . . . Mark 12:29-31 God’s laws are not burdensome in number or detail.  They can be reduced to two simple rules for life: love God and love others.  These commands are from the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 6:5; Leviticus 19:18).  When you love God completely and care for others as you care for yourself, then you have fulfilled the intent of the Ten Commandments and the other Old Testament laws.  According to Jesus, these two rules summarize all of God’s laws.  Let them rule your thoughts, decisions, and actions.  When you are uncertain about what to do, ask yourself which course of action best demonstrates love for God and love for others.  


For the past hour and a half, I’ve been debating whether or not I should share this story, but I thought, Why not?  I really need to get this off my chest.
So it’s about five minutes to ten on Thursday night of the fifth of December and I just got off of work.  It’s around 55 degrees outside so I decide to walk home.  (Not to mention that I really couldn’t even afford the bus fair at that moment.)  I walk west on Greenmount Avenue and not even making three blocks north on 33rd Avenue, this SUV pulls up beside me and this guy asks me to get in.  I don’t even know what made me get into the SUV.  This guy had to be in his early forties and I guess I just needed the attention.  So I’m in his car and he asks me if I have a tongue ring.  I tell him that I don’t and he orders me to pull out my tongue.  I oblige and then he asks where I’m headed.  I tell him that I’m heading home, so he says that he’ll take me.  Not even a minute after being in his car, he puts my hand on his dick and tells me that I’m cute and that I turn him on because I sound just like a girl.  We drive up the street and he pulls over a pretty dark street, Greendale Road right off of Loch Raven Road, and he orders me to suck his dick.  I tell him that I don’t do that but he keeps pushing me to do it so I finally gave in and sucked him off.  To make a long story short, he was pretty rude to me as I sucked him off and he finally came in my mouth.  I spit his seed out the back door and I jokingly slapped him in the face.  You should have seen his face when I slapped him.  I thought I was going to get my ass whipped.  He asks why would I do that and I tell him that I was only playing, ruff housing as I called it.  He says that he doesn’t get down like that and rudely states that it better not happen again.  “You just killed my mood,” he says and he orders me to get dressed.  I politely apologized all of four times for slapping him as he drove me home, and I didn’t get reciprocated in any sort of manner.  I felt so used and abused, like I was his bitch.  I guess I was.  I have never felt so disrespected in my life.
And get this.  When we finally pull up to the apartment complex, I get out of the car and I’m checking my pockets to make sure I have everything.  He then says, “You better close my fucking door.”  And I’m like, “I’m just checking my pockets to make sure I’m not leaving anything.”   I’m not into being disrespected, although I’m to blame.  I’m the one who allowed him to treat me so rudely.  He even asked if I would call some of my girlfriends to give his some head and that he wanted to have a threesome.  Screw him.  He has my cell phone number but I will never be in the company of that one again.  His name is Kevin if that’s even his real name.  I can tell he’s one of the DL types that drives around looking for some play.  And I fell for it.  I’m so lame, but I don’t regret it.  
I was hit on again when I finally made the hour long trek from my job to home on Friday, December 6.  This time I turned the guy down and I have to say that this time, I kind of regret it.
But then I was hit on at the drive-thru window a couple days after.  I reluctantly gave the young red butch queen my number.  Too bad I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

what are keith's TOP TEN SONGS OF 2012?

(According to my iTunes Top 25 Most Played Playlist)
I.  Teairra Mari - "I Do Like"

II. Rihanna - "Half Of Me"

III. Calvin Harris ft. Ayah Marar - "Thinking About You"
IV.  Agnes - "Heart Rate"
V.  Christina Aguilera - "Let There Be Love"
VI.  P!nk - Try

VII.  Kelly Clarkson - "Catch My Breath"

what's on keith's MUSIC PLAYLIST?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

what's keith READING?

DENIAL. . . . . Matthew 26:69-75 There were three stages to Peter’s denial.  First, he acted confused and said he didn’t know what the girl was talking about.  Second, using an oath he denied that he knew Jesus.  Third, he began to curse and swear.  Believers who deny Christ often begin doing so subtly by pretending not to know him.  When opportunities to discuss religious issues come up, they walk away or pretend they don’t know the answers.  With only a little more pressure, they can be induced to flatly deny their relationship with Christ.  If you find yourself subtly avoiding occasions to talk about Christ, watch out.  You may be on the road to denying him.  
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