Saturday, January 26, 2013


A heartfelt documentary that focuses on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the District of Columbia and the city’s lack of direction and funding for its growing epidemic.  So many of the stories touched me—from Jimmy, a 35 year old male who dies of AIDS while residing at the government sponsored program, Joseph’s House to Ron who spends his time exchanging needles for drug addicts.  And J’Mia—a mother of three living with AIDS who is losing her home due to the city’s decrease in funding for its subsidized housing program.   This documentary really hits home for me because it really is close to home.   I can’t stress how truly blessed I am even while living with AIDS.  Without government assistance I wouldn’t have access to medical care or even my antiviral medications.  And it’s pieces of work such as this that remind me that I am not going through this disease alone and that I should have the courage to be honest, open and to stand up for this silenced disease. 

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