Monday, October 31, 2011

how is keith's HALLOWEEN WEEKEND?

28th:  I caught the 64 bus to Port Covington Shopping Center and paid a little visit to Walmart to grab some cosmetic items and of course, candy.

29th:  I was busted in a lie by Rick.  He saw me walking in The Gallery to go eat and he gave me call.  I lied and told him that I was at home eating.  He then told me to turn around and there he was.  I was so busted.  He left but then came back and we had a pretty lengthy discussion.  I blamed my lie on the fact that I was a little pissed off at him due to the fact that he forgot what we had planned to do this weekend which was to visit New York City.  He even stated that that was the third time I've lied to him.  In fact, I've lied to him way more times than that.  I inquired on the other two incidents but he wouldn't disclose them. 

I will say that I learned a lot during our conversation.  I figured out why he's always so distant and lacking energy when we go out.  His job requires a lot from him, so he's either tired or has work on his mind not to mention a personal life to tend to.  I now realize that Rick has a lot on his plate and that I need to be a bit more understanding when he blows our plans off.  He states that he just forgets about our plans and that I should remind him.  That I will do.  And after much deliberation, we are FINALLY going to New York City in about two weeks. 

30th:  Where do I even begin?  I went to The Gallery again to eat at around 11:00 AM.  Guess who was there?  Rick, sitting down at the food court.  What the fuck was he doing there so early?  Meeting up with one of his friends.  For the record, it seems like he spends way more time with his friends than with me but that's another post.  Rick even swears up and down that I know some of his friends, however that is impossible.  I don't hang out with the close nip group of fags in Baltimore.  I am not a part of that roster.  Getting back to the story, I basically ate my food while Rick was on the phone.  I must also mention that I really don't feel any more special than some of Rick's friends anyway.  I overheard him offering to pay for one of his friend's phone bill and he even bought that friend a T-shirt.  That's damn near close to the same amount of things he has bought me.  Anyways, after I ate, we did some window shopping.  Another FYI--I hate window shopping.  It sucks having to browse through things that I can't afford or have right now.  I told Rick that I had to be "to work" by 01:00 PM and he then walked me to the shelter.

By night time I was faced with more drama.  I had to deal with drunk-ass Rip and he was acting a fool.  He was loud, obnoxious and way to intimate with me.  I think I'm going to need to get a restraining order against him.  So he says it, that would be the fifth order of restraint against him.  He is one crazy and obsessed motherfucker.  And get this.  He has a girlfriend.  So why is he chasing me?

31st:  It's Halloween and I have nothing planned for today.  After I publish this post, I'm going to go to The Gallery to eat lunch and then I'm back in the line up at the HRC.  What a lousy weekend, if I must say so myself?  Well at least I'm still breathing, right?  Thank you lord for that.   

Sunday, October 30, 2011

what's on keith's MUSIC PLAYLIST?

Had a lot of moments that didn't last forever.  Now you're in this corner tryna put it together- how to love.
How To Love by Lil Wayne

Friday, October 28, 2011


So I already hit you with my Top Five Brushes from both the e.l.f. Essentials and Studio Collection.  Well, here are a few more of my favorite eye products.  Don't have 'em in your makeup bag?  Shame on you girl.  Only $1 - $3.  What are you waiting for.  Click HERE!  (No, I don't work for e.l.f. and I'm SO not getting paid.  I just love the brand.)

1. e.l.f. Essential Eyelash & Brow Wand, $1.  Great for combing through lashes to remove clumps or to groom stubborn eyebrows. 
2. e.l.f. Essential Brow Comb + Brush, $1.  Another option for combing through eyelashes and grooming eyebrows. 

3. e.l.f. Essential Eyeshadow Brush, $1.  There is no need to spend more than a George Washington on any kind of eyeshadow brush.  Need I say more.

4. e.l.f. Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush, $3.  It's about time an affordable option for this kind of brush is available.  Great for applying cream or gel eyeliner.  Love, Love, Love.  Can't say it enough.

5. e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, $3.  Great eye primer on the cheap.  Works exceptionally well.  The same as the e.l.f. Essential Eyelid Primer.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

how long has keith BEEN AT THE HRC?

Men's Day Room at the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Housing & Resource Center


(Rick still has no idea.)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what's on keith's MUSIC PLAYLIST?

Positive by Taio Cruz

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

what's on keith's MUSIC PLAYLIST?

"You just Lost The Best Thing that crashed into your life.
And if you're done pretending then get yourself a life.
Cause payback, here I go.  I'm taking back the perks that you'll never know.
And you just lost the best thing that crashed into your life."
by Charice

Monday, October 24, 2011

what's on keith's MUSIC PLAYLIST?

Parade by Jackie Boyz

Sunday, October 23, 2011

why is keith JEALOUS?

I just had to share.  As bizarre as this is, dudes body is on point.  I will admit that I'm a little jealous.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

what's keith LOOKING AT?

Aren't these pictures DEELISH?  Don't we all wish we could be in Giselle's position?  I know I do.  I first stumbled upon these photos on WENDYISTA about a year ago.  Since I sneak a glance at these photos ever so often, I just thought I had to repost for my own viewing pleasure.

Friday, October 21, 2011

how was keith's TRIP TO ATLANTIC CITY?

On Saturday, October 15, 2011 Rick took me to Atlantic City.  How did the trip turn out?  Time to go in.

I got to the Greyhound Downtown bus station a little after 09:00 AM.  Mind you Rick got there around 07:30 AM, so when I arrived Rick had a little bit of an attitude.  He was tired, hungry and he had a headache.  After much delay, we finally boarded the bus around Noon and we got there at about 02:30 PM.  The bus dropped us off at the Hilton Hotel & Casino.  Shortly thereafter, the day continued on a downward spiral.

So we hit the boardwalk and I made the decision to head west.  Well after walking for about five minutes it was pretty clear that we were headed nowhere.  There was no attraction in sight.  Rick continued to have a pissy attitude and he even left me.  Here's some proof.

You see that figure in the distance?  That's Rick.

When I finally caught up with him, I asked, "Why are you being an asshole?"  At that point I will admit that I was really P.O.'d but once he smiled at me, my anger went away.  We then turned around, headed east and we were right on track.  After much walking and sightseeing, we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and then we enjoyed a great 15 minute show at Haunted Tales.  By this time the night was upon us and we started walking towards the Greyhound bus station.  Upon our arrival it was clear that a bus wasn't coming until 09:30 PM and it was about 07:30 PM, so we took a walk on The Walk and looked inside some stores. 

We got back to the bus station at around 08:30 PM and waited.  Well here's where some more drama kicked in.  I thought it was a great time share some concerns that were on my mind.  I asked him if he can hear me on our phone calls only because I've noticed that his responses never line up with what I'm saying or he seems to always end the conversation and hang up in the middle of me talking.  I also had concerns with him not calling when he says he would.  So we had a mild argument and I could tell he got a little upset.  We talked so much that we almost missed our 09:30 PM bus home.  In the end we got back to Baltimore at around 12:30 PM.  In all, I'll rate the trip a 3 out of 5.  Here's some more pictures.

what's keith WATCHING?

Great video. -- Hate the song.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Remember the argument I had with Glenda on Thursday, October 13, 2011.  Well, I forgot to mention that she apologized the day after.  Here's the text message. . .

"Thnks again. Lov u n always thinkn bout u although don't act like it.
All I can do is pray n apologize until I get better."

10/14/2011 09:08 PM

And I accept her apology.

Monday, October 17, 2011

what's in keith's MAKEUP BAG?

"Complete Radiant Perfection"

Now here's an everyday staple for me.  Either I use the concealer over, under and around my eyes before applying my foundation or I use the highlighter under my eyes and on the tops of my cheekbones after applying my foundation.  The concealer is opaque while the highlighter is pretty sheer.  The concealer also lasts all day when set with powder and it's a very smooth and creamy formulation making it easily blendable.  Now I would have to say the most prize-worthy thing about this product would be the directions/illustrations on the back of the package.  That's a pretty rare occurrence for most concealers yet is extremely useful.  The illustrations show you the exact place to apply the concealer and the highlighter.  Good job Maybelline!  The only downside to this product would be that it runs out fast.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

what's keith LEARNING?

"The term seroconcordant is its antonym, used to describe a couple in which both partners are of the same HIV status (i.e. both are HIV positive or both are HIV negative)."

"The term for couples in which one partner is HIV negative and the other is HIV positive is serodiscordant."
Open Wide
Baltimore Outloud
May 20, 2011  Volume IX Issue I

Thursday, October 13, 2011

is keith DATING A DUMMY?


Guess who just showed up about an hour ago.  And boy did we have an argument about me being here.  Glenda showed up with some ugly ass dude I'm guessing she's now dating.  She told me to grab all my shit when I leave this time because I'm not coming back.  What a hot mess she is.  So it's kind of a good thing that Rick didn't come over tonight after all.    

I really think I am.  I just back from a rather terrible time out with Rick.  In fact, he was supposed to come back home with me but he had to rush home. 

So let me start from the beginning.  Glenda is out of town on business.  She left yesterday and I'm guessing she'll be back tomorrow.  Well since I have the house to myself, I decided to invite Rick over.  The plan was for him to come by yesterday but it was raining pretty bad so we rescheduled for today.  So I met up with him downtown at around 06:20 PM and we got something to eat at Uno's and that's when the date went downhill. 

I really think something is mentally wrong with Rick.  He is extremely slow and he likes to talk in circles.  When you ask him a question he never answers it and rambles on about unrelated topics and he's never truly sure about his answers or what he's talking about.  For example, tonight he said that he lost 110 lbs.  So I ask when and how?  He says over the course of six months starting at the beginning of last year.  Quit remarkable, right?  Wrong.  Listen up!  So I ask him how much he weighed before he lost the weight and how much does he weigh now.  He says he weighs between 190 - 250 lbs now and when he started he was 270 lbs.  Well we all know that that just doesn't add up.  So when I questioned him he got frustrated and it turns out that he in fact lost weight, however he doesn't know how much he has truly lost because he never weighed himself.  So why didn't he say that from the beginning?  And that's not the only topic that raised my eyebrow on this date.  So, of course, I would ask questions and he got a little upset.  In fact, he even asked if he was on trial.  I'm starting to see how really incompatible we are but he's an exceptional guy nonetheless.  I just wish he had a little more brains. 

So we're done eating and it's about 08:00 PM and we're walking over to the 40 Quickbus stop because again he's supposed to be coming to my place.  Mind you, he needs to be back to his place by 09:00 PM to give his mother her diabetes shot.  How's that going to work?  As a side note, during our dinner, he was not keeping track of time as if he never really had plans of stopping by my place to begin with and I could tell he wasn't too thrilled about coming over considering he has to wake up at 04:00 AM for work.  So after waiting about twenty minutes for the bus I told him he could go home.  I was pissed the fuck off and I'm pretty sure he could tell.  I wouldn't even have gone out in the first place if he wasn't coming home with me.  In fact, I'm very disappointed and pissed off with him as we speak but I'll get over it.  I'll just give up.  I won't ever invite him over to my place again.  We tried these past two days and it has been a total disaster.  Won't do that again, that's all. 

And now I have to plan our trip to Atlantic City.  Mind you, he proposed that destination but has no fucking idea how to get there.  I think the Greyhound is our only option and I am not too fond of the Greyhound bus service--bad childhood experiences.  I highly doubt I'll be going anywhere this weekend and if I do I'm quite sure it will be a clusterfuck disaster like our trip to DC--walking around aimlessly not knowing what to do or where the fuck we are going.  I just don't get Rick.  What am I going to do with him?  He is a hot ass mess and one of the nicest guys I've ever met all rolled into one.

what's on keith's MUSIC PLAYLIST?

Rick, I Love You 

by Chrishan

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

how was keith's DATE YESTERDAY?

My date was fantastic.  I spent the whole day with my boo.  First we got something to eat at the Cheesecake Factory at the Gallery, then we caught the 8 bus up to Towson Town Center, did a little shopping, and from there we headed to Security Square Mall by way of the 44 bus to watch Dream House at the AMC theatre.  I have to say that I missed him so much and I really had a great time.  He even paid for my cute outfit I picked out at my favorite store, H&M. 

But let me tell you, the movie didn't end until about 09:30 PM and on the way back into town, I could do nothing but think about how I was going to be stuck outside all night.  Fortunately, as soon as I arrived to the HRC at about 10:15, I got straight in.  I was assigned Bunk 77, a top bunk of course.  Boy aren't I lucky?  I owe it all to Christ.  By the way, thank you lord for waking me up this morning.

what's keith WATCHING?

Monday, October 10, 2011

what's on keith's MUSIC PLAYLIST?

by Rihanna

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

what's on keith's MUSIC PLAYLIST?

Activate My Heart by Natalie Kills

Monday, October 3, 2011

how was keith's WEEKEND?

Girl, this weekend was a HOT ASS MESS.  Where do I start?  Let's start with. . .

Thursday Night--Kimah finally came through and picked both Nay and I up.  We went to Walmart to cash the bogus checks but they stop check-cashing at 11:00 PM so we went straight to a shitty hotel. 

Saturday Morning--We made several attempts at cashing those fake ass checks and guess what?  We couldn't.  It was one reason or another including the fact that the checks weren't reading on the check scanning system.

Saturday Afternoon--Nay and I finally gave up but only after Nay got into deep shit.  On our last stop, Nay attempted to cash her check at Lexington Market.  Well the lady called to verify Nay's check and let's just say that after waiting a good ten minutes for Miss Chinese Lady, Nay asked for her ID back.  The lady said, "No."  So Nay left leaving her ID and the check.  Couldn't have been me.  Now Nay could possibly be in trouble and let's not forget the fact that she has warrants out for her arrest in North Carolina.  Lord have mercy.

Saturday Night--As you know I was supposed to be in New York City but Rick called and cancelled on me the day before.  I was so disappointed especially after spending almost two weeks putting the whole trip together.  Unfortunately business always trumps pleasure.  Rick wanted to take me out that night but it was too damn cold outside and I didn't want to be standing outside in the cold waiting for a bed.  In addition, Andrea was drunk and high as fuck and Nay and I were stuck being her baby-sitter.  Andrea even managed to lose her wallet holding $200.  Also, I almost forgot to mention that I suggested that Rip and I take a break from each other after he lied to me.  He told me that he didn't sell Andrea any dope even after witnessing it with my own eyes. 

Sunday afternoon--I had a lunch date with Rick.  It went pretty well until he left me to go hang out with one of his friends.  And what's up with his friends anyways?  Every time we hang out, he's always leaving a friends house and every time he speaks on his friends, he always mentions how they ask him to hook up.  WTF?  I get the strong feeling that he's cheating on me yet when I'm with him that feeling goes away.  Either way, I still feel dissed.  You should have seen the way he dropped me like a bad habit to go hang out with his friend who happened to be walking down the street just as we were.  FML and Fuck My Weekend.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

who's keith QUOTING?

We lose the joy of living in the present when we worry about the future.

Our Daily Bread
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