Friday, September 30, 2011

is keith A POSEUR?

I only ask this question after checking out the library book, Poseur by Rachel Maude.

poseur (noun): a person who pretends to be what he or she is not

Yes I am a major poseur, for sure.

Here's Rachel Maude's answer straight from the book . . .

 "How you look can be the opposite of who you are.  What you say can be the opposite of what you mean.  And who you think you can't stand. . . can turn out to be exactly who you need.

They smiled because, knowing this, they could admit what no one else could:
They were just a bunch of poseurs."

So I guess we are all poseurs, huh?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

what's on keith's MUSIC PLAYLIST?

In my rear view mirror, I don't see nothing but smoke.
Everything's much clearer when I push that metal into the floor.
I gotta go.
Rear View Mirror by Mya featuring Sean Paul

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

how was keith's LUNCH DATE?

View from Front Window of the Men's Floor @ the
Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Housing & Resource Center
The HRC is now practicing a new procedure.  It's no longer first come, first serve.  The process for intake is supposedly random now.  So after waiting outside from about 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM, my sisters and I were finally selected to go inside for intake.  What a fucking hassle?  Plus I haven't even clocked the tea on some check scam Nay is getting us into.  Girl, we were supposed to start today, however the plans have changed.  I'll fill y'all in on this whole dilemma sometime in the near future.  All I know is that Nay and her home girl, Kimah, better not get me in trouble or I'm throwing them under the bus for sure.
To be honest, my lunch date with Rick kind of sucked.  He was tired and had a lot on his mind, one of the things being his mother who just had operations on both of her feet.  I guess I won't be going over Rick's place any time soon.  She's rehabilitating at Rick's house and she'll be there for about six weeks.  Plus our date ended early since I had to be back at the shelter before count time.  Now the low light of the date was when Rick apologized for his busy schedule and said that it's okay for me to sleep with someone else.  Are you fucking serious?  That still bothers me to no avail.  Who is truly okay with his significant other sleeping around him?  Couldn't be me.  It was still so good to see him though.  I really do miss him. 

Something else that bothers me is the fact that I have to keep lying to Rick.  He asked when I was going to invite him over to my place and you all know my situation.  The thing is that Rick still doesn't know.  I just don't know how to break it to him but I can say that I'm tired of being a BIG liar.  Maybe if I didn't have to lie so much, I would open up to him more.  He keeps talking about how quiet I am.   

who's keith QUOTING?

Forgiveness is Christianity in action.

Our Daily Bread

Sunday, September 25, 2011

what's keith READING?

God has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you" (Hebrew 13:5)...  It is the promise of God Himself to those who are objects of His love.  He is there and He isn't going away.  With Christ, you will never walk alone.

Our Daily Bread

Friday, September 23, 2011

what's keith's DIAGNOSIS?

Shingles On Neck
For the past couple of days I have been dealing with a huge rash that extends from my left nipple to my back.  After doing some research, I've come to the conclusion that the rash is due to herpes zoster or shingles.  And this would be the second time I've had this occurrence.  I had a case of shingle earlier this year.  What is going on with me?  I need to see a doctor pronto.

Also, I'm kind of disappointed because my date tonight with Rick has been canceled on account of the rain and the fact that Rick has to wake up early tomorrow morning.  When I spoke to him he didn't actually cancel but I could tell he was a little apprehensive about going out so I'll cancel.  I just haven't broken the news to him yet.

what's keith USING?

Dove recognizes that the main reason for our hair problems is damage.  That's why we put damage care and repair at the heart of everything we do.

Did you know? 
Hair can be damaged on the inside as well as the outside, making it weak, porous, and therefore more prone to damage and splitting. 

Advanced damage care and repair system:
  • FIBER ACTIVES deeply penetrate porous hair to help reconstruct it from within.
  • Formula with patented MICRO MOISTURE SERUM strengthens and nourishes hair from root to tip.
Leaves hair strengthened and resilient to future damage without weighing it down.

I'm really loving this shampoo.  I got the travel size on a whim and I'm now a huge fan.  Dove certainly doesn't dissapoint.  Now to be honest, I don't have damaged hair.  In fact, my hair is rather short to non-existent.  I rock a short crew cut so I don't really see any of the benefits as far as reconstructing hair damage.  However, I do love the rich lather and it's nice clean yet feminine scent.  I use it everynight, leaving it in my hair for about five minutes.  If Dove says that it will intensively repair my hair, I'll take their word for it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

what did keith FIND OUT YESTERDAY?

I finally received my Emergency Food Stamps.  Yay!  When I checked out at 7 Eleven yesterday, my receipt said my food stamps balance was $380.17.  I received $200 in additional food stamps and it's about damn time.  I was starting to believe that I wouldn't get it.

On to other news. . .
Rip told me that he loved me this morning.  Things are getting a little too serious and I'm starting to get worried.  He says that he's afraid that he'll hurt me or someone else over his jealous obsession over me.  Yeah, I don't know how to respond to that.  Plus he knows I have a boyfriend and is sort of okay with that.  How can someone truly love someone he hardly knows?  I think Rip needs a psychiatrist.

Monday, September 19, 2011

how was keith's WEEKEND?


My weekend was fantastic.  Where do I start?  Let's start with Saturday morning.  I arrived at Penn Station at 07:30 AM and I gave Rick a call.  He said that he was running late and I waited for about an hour until he called once again.  On the phone he asked me which station I was at.  I told him the Marc Train station not knowing that there's another train station in downtown Baltimore.  So he gets to the downtown train station and he calls and asks where I'm at.  I said, "The train station, Penn Station."  He's like, "You told me the Marc Train Station."  "Oh, I didn't know that there was more than one train station."  Anyways, he gets to Penn Station by 09:00 AM and we board the train headed for DC around 09:25 AM.  Once we got to DC we headed straight to the hotel.  I brought an overnight bag.  Rick didn't.  Once we got to the hotel, it was apparent that Rick didn't make reservations and that a room wouldn't be available until after 01:00 PM.  So, we ate breakfast and walked around with my rolling bag in tow.  I was a little irate since I had to carry my bag around with me for a while but I got over it.  We went to the movies, which was located in China Town, and saw Colombiana and then we got some lunch from a quick stop Mexican joint.  Afterwards, we finally checked into the hotel.  From there we walked around the National Mall and went sight seeing.    We saw the White House, the Capital Building as well as the Washington Monument.  From there we walked back to China Town after getting lost, ate at a nice Chinese restaurant--the food was awesome, and then we went back to the hotel.

Once we got back to the block where our hotel was located, boy did we have a surprise.  The street was blocked off.  The police were restricting anyone from entering the block due to an ongoing investigation.  I think a suspicious bag or something was the cause because we saw a number of Hazmat trucks.  So we waited outside in the cold from about 10:30 PM to about 12:15 AM. 

We got back to Baltimore around noon on Sunday.  In all I had a lot a fun.  I really enjoyed my weekend out.  It's been a long while since I've had a little fun and with someone who I truly enjoy.

Now it wouldn't be fair if I didn't come here and share what I truly feel about Rick.  Honestly, he's the biggest gentlemen and sweetheart--paying for everything, opening doors for me, and making sure that I was okay the whole trip.  However I think Rick is a few fries short of a Happy Meal if you know what I mean.  He's a little slow and his intelligence will never be on my level.  Although I find it quite refreshing how simple-minded he is and I don't hold it against him because he has a lot and a lot going for himself.  So he must be doing something right.  Oh and I think he's in the drug game too.  He wouldn't explain and I doubt he ever will.  "I don't talk about business," he says.  Plus, he's loaded, meaning he has a lot of money.  He went to DC with a huge wad of twenty dollars bills.  I know it had to be about three thousand dollars and money doesn't seem like much of a concern for him.  He's pretty well off.  In fact, he just got a loan to buy a building which he's trying to turn into a number of condominiums.  I think he put $125,000 down.  Yeah, I got a baller don't I? 

I can't wait to see him again.  We planned a movie night at his place for this Friday and then in two weeks we're going to New York City.  It's my job to plan the next trip.  I can't wait.  How did I get so lucky?  I think I found the man of my dreams.  I hope I don't fuck up a good thing.

what's keith USING?

Bio-Oil® is a specialist
skincare product that helps
improve the appearance of
scars, stretch marks and
uneven skin tone. Its advanced
formulation, which contains the
breakthrough ingredient
PurCellin Oil™, also makes
it highly effective for numerous
other skin concerns, including
  aging skin and dehydrated skin.

So what do I think about this product?
First let me start off by stating that I've used this product consistently over a span of two months.  I would apply a generous amount all over my body after I would get out of the shower each night.  I can say that it is a great moisturizer.  What body oil isn't?  But there are two caveats.  One would be its slight fishy yet powdery smell.  Weird is the only way I can describe it.  And in terms of efficacy, two would be that I  didn't notice any difference in the appearance of my uneven skin tone.  And for the price of this product ($12 for 2 oz.) as well as the overated reviews, I was expecting some kind of results.  Maybe I didn't use it often enough or maybe I didn't use it long enough.  Either way, I should be one satisfied customer, however I want my refund.  Good thing I got it with my five-finger discount.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

what's keith USING?

I have been a huge fan of this product for a couple of years now.  Popping pimples is a big NO NO so I use this product to remove any stubborn white/blackheads that might appear on my face.  I don't have a problem with clogged pores on my nose so I typically cut the pore strips into smaller pieces to cover any pimples I might have on my face.  Then, I leave the strip on for the entire night and remove it when I wake up in the morning.   

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

what's keith USING?


Clean & Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Scrub is a specially designed formula, intended for all skin types, that contains skin nutrients and BURSTING BEADS that burst with energy, and removes dirt, oil, and impurities deep down to the pores.  This scrub, with a blend of caffeine, lemon, and papaya, also invigorates your senses and contains microbeads that sweep away dull surface skin.  Skin looks instantly brightened, leaving your ready to face the day.

Hmmm.  Contains caffeine, lemon and papaya but no salicylic acid.  What a bummer?  Still a great scrub nonetheless.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

does keith WEAR VERSACE?

I wish.  My funds definitely wouldn't allow it.  Yet I just have to feature the breathtaking Fall 2011 Ad Campaign.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what's keith USING?

N.Y.C. Smooch Proof Lip Stain 

Not to throw shade at Ms. N.Y.C. but somehow this product ended up on the "Editor's Favorites" page in the July issue of Allure magazine.  WTF were those editor's thinking?  I don't get it.  While the lip stain does do its job, this product is nothing to write home about especially since it fails to last a full 16 hours like it claims.  I will say that this lip stain is better than the e.l.f. Studio Lip Stain however is no match for Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm, the best lip stain on the drugstore market.  I'm just saying.  (Like my opinion really matters.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

so keith, HOW WAS YOUR DATE?

I think I'm IN LOVE.  Not really.  I texted Rick, "I Love You," after he did the same last night.  Rick is the most perfect gentlemen and a huge sweetheart.  He opened all of the doors for me and he paid for everything.  How did I get so lucky?  I don't know but I do have two concerns.  One--he just got out of a five year relationship one month ago.  I am nobody's rebound.  And two--he's moving a little too fast but I think I'm ready for the ride.  I can't say that I love him but I'm sure I will soon and for the rest of my life. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

why is keith BEING A SLUT?

Bunk Beds on Men's Floor of the
Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Housing & Resource Center
The night before last I gave an old ugly Cuban drunk who can hardly speak any English twenty sloppy kisses in exchange for $20.  He was supposed to give me $40 but he stiffed me.  That's okay though.  I'm $20 richer.  He even tried to get in my bed that night and my sister, Nay, and I were about to whip his ass.  Guess who saw my ordeal with the old drunk though?  Rip.  He's willing to turn a blind eye on the whole situation after our talk.  And yeah I played the innocent card.

Guess what else?  I have a date today with Rick.  I should see him in no less than fifteen minutes.  I'm so excited.  I can't wait to see him and get to know him.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Men's Floor of the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Housing & Resource Center

I am no longer residing at the HRC alone.  I have two new girlfriends.  One is a couple years younger than I and his name is Semaj Daniels but he likes to be called Nay, short for Chardonnay.  The other is an old queen named Julius Baxter and he goes by the name of Andre.  She's about 51 years of age.  Since I've been acquainted with them, my days here have been exciting and just a whole lot of fun.  I hope me and Nay become good friends.

*****  A FEW MORE UPDATES  *****

Remember Jason.  Well, he traded me in for Nay.

Remember Reyne.  Well, turns out he has a girlfriend of five months.

Remember Rip.  Well, he's into me more now than ever.  I've got him hooked.

Remember Rick.  He and I have a date set for Monday.  I can't wait.  He's such a sweat heart.  Yesterday when I spoke to him, he told me the next time my phone goes off just let him know so that he can pay the bill.  I'm looking forward to my date.  I still haven't spilled the tea on my housing situation though.  I hope to soon.

who's keith QUOTING?

Revenge restrained is a victory gained.

Our Daily Bread

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

what's keith NOT USING?

So, here's the deal with this product.  If you are under the age of 60, DO NOT BUY.  I cannot stand the smell of this Moisturizing Creme.  The powdery smell reminds me of my country grandmother and there is nothing grown or sexy with smelling like an old lady.  As far as the efficacy of the product, it's your standard lotion.  It effectively moisturizes my skin without leaving a greasy residue much like the Nivea Creme however it doesn't last all day.  I have to reapply throughout the day.  Great alternative for those who want a lighter version of the famous Nivea Creme, Bad alternative if you want to smell like somebody's aging grandmother. 
The end.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

what product does keith USE?

Oil Free • Dermatologist Tested
Gently exfoliates dull, dead skin cells and unclogs- pore by pore. Removes all traces of oil, dirt and makeup. Pores look visibly smaller.

I have been using this cleanser consistently since it hit the market at the top of 2010 and I have tried each cleanser type except for the sensitive skin formulation.  So it comes as no surprise for me to say that I really love this line.  Now the star of this product has to be the scrublet.  Using the scrublet, I can practically wash my face without even getting my hands wet.  With that being said, it's travel friendly and great for using on the go at anytime without making a mess.  When it comes to efficacy, this product really does everything that it claims.  And of course, it contains salicylic acid though not advertised.

Monday, September 5, 2011

what's keith ILLUMINATING?

illuminating eye treatment

Meet another eye treatment in my arsenal.  Subtle illumination with added benefits.  You can't beat that.  Just don't expect a drastic change.  My under eye concealer and highlighter are still my best friends. 

Be careful not to accidentally place serum in eye.  Can burn and cause irritation.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

what's keith USING?

So how do I get my perfect white smile. Well here's my secret. I use...

Use them every morning and night. Oh and I floss every night as well. You know I've heard that people who floss actually live longer. Who knows if that's true but as you all might know, I need all the help I can get.

Friday, September 2, 2011


It was a little over a year ago that I started my conquest to read the entire KJV of the Holy Bible.  For some reason I thought that my life would be sorted back together once I finished reading it, however my life has broken into even more pieces since I've first cracked open that book last year.  Do I have a stronger faith system or more spiritual insight?  I can't say that I do but I can say that my life is so much more peaceful now and I have a stronger sense of well-being and confidence.  I think being away from Teon and Glenda have something to do with that though.

On to other news. . .  Rip is starting to get on my last nerve.  He is starting to smother me.  I'm so sick of him trying to get my attention.  All he does all day is try to talk to me, no matter what I seem to be doing.  I don't get why I'm so nice to these losers.  I need a lesson in being a BITCH.  Case in point, an old toothless guy named Thomas gave me his number today.  He said that "I need a good man in my life" and "I can make you feel good."  As if.  I only pretended to enter his number into my nonworking phone.  He won't be getting a call from me. 

Back to Rip- I'm supposed to go out with him tomorrow.  Man, I really don't want to but I already promised him that I would.  I hope it's quick and non inviting.  For some reason, he just doesn't get that I don't want to be with him no matter how nice I say it.  The nerve of these guys thinking I'm even interested in them.  A guy this fine does not go out with the first loser that tries to talk to him.  Maybe the second.  LOL.  Just kidding.

And where the fuck are my Emergency Food Stamps?  I signed up for them a couple days ago.  If you don't know, since President Obama declared that Maryland was in a State of Emergency after Hurricane Irene, those who recieve Food Stamps are eligible for additional Food Stamps benefits.  Where the fuck is my money ho?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

what's keith USING?

Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner
Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner is specially formulated to provide clean, refreshing toning without the harsh, drying effects of alcohol.  Special mild purifiers gently remove impurities and recondition your skin.  And because it is alcohol-free, this formula will not strip delicate facial skin of its own natural moisturizers.  Your skin will feel fresh and clean without tightness, dryness or stinging.

My dry skin debacle has been a mainstay on this site and I found a product that doesn't add to that issue.  Before discovering this particular toner, I would use a variety of toners that would contain alcohol only drying my skin out even more than it already was.  So, earlier this year while in Target, I decided to give this toner a try.  I will admit that I was eyeing this toner for a while and was little apprehensive about it only because I had this feeling that a toner without alcohol would be completely ineffective for my acne prone skin.  Well, I was proven wrong.  This toner is gentle while also effectively getting rid of excess dirt, oil and makeup.  And I have to say that my skin has been looking light years better since using this product.  So, I now formally introduce you to a new mainstay in my beauty regime.  To think alcohol is a necessity in an effective toner- Shame on me.
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