Friday, September 23, 2011

what's keith USING?

Dove recognizes that the main reason for our hair problems is damage.  That's why we put damage care and repair at the heart of everything we do.

Did you know? 
Hair can be damaged on the inside as well as the outside, making it weak, porous, and therefore more prone to damage and splitting. 

Advanced damage care and repair system:
  • FIBER ACTIVES deeply penetrate porous hair to help reconstruct it from within.
  • Formula with patented MICRO MOISTURE SERUM strengthens and nourishes hair from root to tip.
Leaves hair strengthened and resilient to future damage without weighing it down.

I'm really loving this shampoo.  I got the travel size on a whim and I'm now a huge fan.  Dove certainly doesn't dissapoint.  Now to be honest, I don't have damaged hair.  In fact, my hair is rather short to non-existent.  I rock a short crew cut so I don't really see any of the benefits as far as reconstructing hair damage.  However, I do love the rich lather and it's nice clean yet feminine scent.  I use it everynight, leaving it in my hair for about five minutes.  If Dove says that it will intensively repair my hair, I'll take their word for it.

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