Saturday, July 30, 2011

who just pulled keith TO THE SIDE?

02:23 PM
Two other people made comments on my make-up today.  I overheard one of the staff members say that it looked like I was wearing a mask or at least that's what I think she said.  I barely heard her as I was walking towards the men's bathroom.  Another guy also said that my make-up was running.  It really wasn't.  He was just trying to be funny.  Nobody else got the joke.

I'm at JHR and I'm walking from the bathroom to the men's day room and one of the staff members pulls me to the side.  Now the staff member is a pretty nice old lady nice and she proceeds to tell me that my foundation is a smidgen off.  Uh Oh.  Really?  I kinda figured that after using a little too much of my setting powder this morning.  According to her I need to "tone it down a little bit".  She says she pulled me to the side because she didn't want to say that too me out loud in the lobby.  So I thanked her.  Wow. My tea was clocked by a senior citizen.  I just had to share.

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