Sunday, August 21, 2011

who's keith MEETING?

Bunk Beds on Men's Floor of the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg
Housing & Resource Center

OMG.  I just met a 23 year old guy named Rick while walking north on N. Calvert Street.  He stopped me originally asking for some head, however, once I turned him down, we began talking and he poured his little heart out to me.  You see, he just broke up with his boyfriend and I was pretty much his therapist for the moment.  I was so heartfelt because he started crying.  Too bad the weather started to turn for the worse or I would still be chatting with him.  And too bad I kind of shut down when the conversation started to gear towards me.  And too bad my fucking phone is not working so I can't really chat with Rick just yet. 

(As a side note, this is fucking rediculous.  My phone hasn't been working for about two weeks now.  I thought it was the battery so I got a new one and my phone still doesn't work.  I'm going to have to get another phone and I have only fifteen dollars to my name.  Damn ReachOut Wireless.)

Rick is the second guy I've exchanged my number with during the past two weeks.  I gave another guy named Kevin my number the week before last.  Now back to Rick.  Is he boyfriend material?  I don't know, but I definitely want to get to know him.  In fact, I'm determined to get to know him.  And I have to mention that I've already lied to him.  I told him that I've been working at the shelter for the past six months when in fact, y'all know that I've been living at the shelter for the last six months.  BTW, Rick says that I'm attractive with a nice glow and a great body.  I just thought I would mention that.  He doesn't know my secret yet.  Maybe he'll be lucky enough to find out.

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