Wednesday, February 27, 2013

why is keith BEING SUCH A HO?

Once again, I'm walking down Greenmount Avenue, on my way home from work, and someone offers me a ride.  I told the guy "I'm good," as he followed me down the street.  He proceeds to make a U-turn and called me over to his car.  It's raining cats and dogs outside, so I figure why not?  To make a long story short, he wanted the usual--a blow job.  And once again, I gave in.  This guy's name is Chris and he wasn't all that bad.  He's yet another DL nigga scoping the streets for some head, as he bluntly says.  We did the act in a back alley off of Bel Air Road.  He tried to fuck me but the condom broke so that was a No-Go.  Instead I gave him the head of his dreams as he came in my mouth.  Afterwards, he drove me home and I gave him my number.  Tomorrow, he wants to finish what we started, but we'll see. 
This is the second guy in a weeks time that I gave an oral transaction in the front seat of his car with no reciprocation.  I blew off and Indian by the name of KC who works part-time as a delivery man for Papa Johns.  He has called me a few times since but I refuse to answer. 
It looks like I'm just being a used, but in a strange way I don't mind.  I'm not getting any action anyhow.  I'm so naive because I keep hoping that one of these rides will hold my Prince Charming--a gentlemen, if you will.  But all I seem to get are thirsty DL guys, and once I get into their cars, I feel pressure to do whatever they tell me to do out of fear that I'll end up stranded somewhere.  I don't know if I'll ever learn, but what's wrong with a little fun for now.

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