Wednesday, March 28, 2012

what's keith WEARING?

3 coats of NEON nail lacquer
+ Covergirl Boundless Color nail sparkle topcoat in 440 blown glass

I don't really wear nail polish all too often however I couldn't resist literally grabbing these off the store shelves of Walgreen's.  These NEON nail varnishes dries to the exact color of the bottle.  I adore the brush and the watery formula.  Although, as you can see,  I had to apply three coats just to get an opaque finish.  Milani actually suggests using a white nail polish as a base for more of a brighter effect.  Anyhow, the colors look like crayons in a box of crayola--a bit too immature for me but playful.  One caveat though--will stain fingernails so I definitely have to use a base coat to keep my nails from turning yellow.  

What do I normally use to remove my nail polish?  None other than. . .

Pretty cheap and gets the job done.

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