Tuesday, September 25, 2012

how did keith GET HIS GROOVE BACK?

Last Monday (9/17), I got a call from Rick around 06:00 PM claiming that his mother, Mary Neal, was admitted into Good Samaritan Hospital.  I had just left her no more than three hours earlier.  Apparently she fell once again and luckily one of the upstair's neighbors came to her rescue.  On Tuesday (9/18) it was pretty clear that Mary wouldn't be returning to the apartment but rather a nursing home, so Rick decided to start packing some of her things.  He brought his friend, Carl Nathaniel Johnson, with him to help out and don't ask me why.  Rick really didn't need any help whatsoever.  She only had two crates worth of belongings.  Anyways, after Carl was there for a while, the sexual tension between both of us got pretty thick.  We talked for quite a while but I gave Carl no reason to think that I would even be interested in him.  The word around town is that Carl is highly promiscuous.  "You can trust me with your money and belongings but you cannot trust me with your man," Carl says.

Late night/early morning came upon us and at that time Rick had asked Carl to go and lay down in the living room.  You see Rick had granted Carl permission to stay the night.  Around 02:00 AM Wednesday morning (9/19), Carl comes in the bedroom and asked if I wanted to watch Glee onDemand.  I had just finished watching Girlfriend Confidential LA onDemand so I agreed.  He proposed that we both watch it in the living room.  At this point Rick was sound asleep.  About fifteen minutes later Rick wakes up and catches me laying on Carl in a T-shirt and underwear.  Carl was partially dressed as well in his jeans plus he had his arms rapped around me.  The next thing I know Rick goes ballistic.  I mean he's yelling What are you two doing? and Get the fuck out! all while threatening me with the vacuum cleaner.  This went on for a good thirty minutes.  He even pulled a knife out on Carl and called the cops. 

About an hour earlier things calmed down.  To be honest, at one point, I thought I was going to be out on the street but Rick and I talked it out.  He swore up and down that we were up to something but we really weren't.  Rick was just basing this judgement on Carl's history or bad rap as I said.  True--the sexual tension was in the air but I had no intention of doing anything with Carl.  I just wanted some affection.  Plus I intentionally left the bedroom door ajar and I knew that Rick would wake up not long after.  (Rick never stays asleep to save his life.)  I know it might have looked in Rick's eyes but I had more than ample time to play it off like I was in the kitchen between the time that Rick awoke and the time that he saw us in the living room, if I was truly up to something.  It wasn't my intent to hide anything.  I think that the fact that I was laying on Carl's shoulder was quite innocent.  Maybe not.  We both swore to Rick that nothing was going on.  "But Carl of all people," Rick says.  Carl was the reason Rick and his prior boyfriend broke up. 

The sun comes out and Rick is on his way out to work.  Carl exits the apartment with him.  Shortly thereafter, the doorbell rings.  It's Carl at the door.  He claims that he left his hoodie.  It's laying right on the couch, so he fetches it and tells me that he is tired.  I tell him to go back to sleep.  I leave him in the living room and I head into the bedroom.  Right before I got back in the bed, I remember saying to myself, Lord make sure Carl keeps his ass in the living room and goes to sleep.  In the back of my mind I knew that if Carl came in the bedroom that something would happen.  At that point it was over a year since I had any kind of sex and I was quite horny. Jesus must not have heard that prayer because no less than five minutes later, Carl comes into the bedroom.  He asks if he can lay in the bed with me.  I agreed.  I know, not a good idea.  Anyways, Carl climbs into bed and the next thing I know, he has his hands on my back.  Then he proceeds to place his erection on my back all while caressing me.  Simply put, I gave in and we had raw sex.  I had raw sex with Carl and I liked it.  The love-making session was out of this world and all I remember thinking is You know I got a boy somewhere so can you feel the tension. . . We're taking it way too far but I don't want it to end.  After Carl climaxed inside of me, I went to sleep in his arms.  A couple hours later, I wake to his lips on neck and we proceed to Round 2.  I know how this sounds, but I just couldn't resist him.  It's like I melted with each kiss we shared.  After Round 2, he went back to sleep and I took a shower.

A couple hours later, the doorbell rings and I'm thinking Oh shit!  It's Rick's friend, John, and his girlfriend.  Rick told me earlier that they were going to stop through but I had plans of pretending like I wasn't even home when they got there.  They we're banging on the window and the door for all of 10 minutes.  It wasn't until Rick called me and told me that they knew I was in there that I had to let them in.  Shit! They caught me pull the shades down.  So Carl goes into the bathroom while I open the door.  I apologize to them both and explain that I was in the shower.  (A lie, of course.)  John then follows me into the bedroom and says that he has to use the bathroom.  (And for the record, I don't know what John and his girlfriend are on but they have to use the bathroom every hour.  And don't leave them in your house for long because your they'll leave with your refrigerator in their stomachs.)  I tell him that John was in there.  Oh, wait!  I accidentally called Carl, John.  He says Light-skinned John.  Yes.  The next thing I know they both hit the road.  Apparently John has some type of major beef with Light-skinned John.  Who knew?  So they both leave and Carl and I proceed onto Round 3 of our love-making session.  Carl leaves shortly thereafter and about an hour later John and his girlfriend came back.  This time when they came in, they gave Rick a status report over the phone and I remember thinking I'm so busted! and Rick is going to kill me

When Rick gets home, he proceeds to go off once again, but this time right in front of an audience.  John and his girlfriend we're still there.  He even pulled both of them in on the conversation and tells them about the whole fiasco that happened earlier that morning.  WTF.  So much for privacy. 

The next day (9/20), I went downtown to pick up my prescriptions from CVS.  On the way back, Rick hops on my 3 Bus at 33rd & Greenmount Ave.  He tells me that he has something to tell me but he'll wait until we get off the bus.  What could it be?  My mind is racing.  We get off the bus and Rick proceeds to tell me that Carl told his uncle (another figure happened to be named John), his grandfather, and his grandfather's girlfriend, Rochelle, that I gave him some head.  (Lie.)  Sure we fucked for quite some time but I DID NOT go down on him.  I explained to Rick that I couldn't even if I tried.  I still have limited opening of my mouth due to my wisdom teeth, however Rick didn't want to hear it.  He went on to say that he's pretty sure that it happened.  Well, it didn't but if Rick only knew. 

Flash forward to Saturday (9/22), Rick has told everybody under the sun about Carl and I and we've had quite a few arguments over the whole situation.  Mind you I still claim my innocence to him.  But that night, I had plans on having dinner with Teon.  Yes, I actually layed eyes on Teon after a year and a half.  Rick claimed that I was going out with Carl, but I tried to pay him no mind.  Then Quinton, Rick's friend, stopped through and eventually Rick told him about the whole ordeal.  At this time I'm rather upset although I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to hear this from him for quite some time.  So, I exit stage left and hop in Teon's car. 

For starters, Teon looks pretty much the same.  He's lost a little bit of weight, his teeth are noticeably whiter and he even has a porcelain veneer where his gap once stood.  The date started off pretty rocky due to my attitude, but things eventually turned north.  I treated Teon to Denny's and then he took me home.  Once we got to my apartment, I invited him in.  Unfortunately, I was faced with attitude and drama at the door.  I swear Rick was so rude to Teon.  After a good half an hour, I walked Teon to his car and that's when things got heated.  It's like a flood of old emotions came over me and I'm pretty sure they grabbed a hold of him too.  To make a long story short we talked for quite some time, made out and had sex in the back of his car.  It looks like Teon and I are slowly starting a new relationship.  I told Teon that I'm in an open relationship.  (Partially true.)  I'm still in love with him and it was pretty clear that he feels the same about me.  He couldn't keep his hands off me/inside of me.  I even saw him again the next day, Sunday (9/23).  My mother is out of town for the week and I have to feed Lexi so he met me at my mother's house, at which point we had sex again just like old times.  I think I have Teon hooked by now.  Damn, I love that boy. 

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