Monday, September 10, 2012

how was keith's LABOR DAY WEEKEND?

Two weeks ago, Rick promised to take me to the movies and out to eat on Saturday, the first of September.  When Saturday finally came around, he decided to switch up the plans and not tell me.  He would rather hang out with some of his friends and move our play date to Sunday the second.  I've pretty much come to expect this behavior from Rick so that was all cool. 
Sunday came and we headed downtown and got off the 3 Bus at W. Lexington & N. Liberty Streets due to the road closings from the Baltimore Grand Prix.  We walked from there all the way to Landmarke Theatre at Harbor East.  Rick wanted to go see Sparkle (or Sprinkle as he calls it).  There was only one problem though.  Sparkle was not playing at that particular movie theatre.  So I walked a good mile in the blazing sun for nothing.  I was so pissed at him.  You would think he would of at least checked to see if that movie theatre was playing Sparkle considering how selective that movie theatre can be.  (I swear that movie theatre is kind of racist when it comes to it's movie choices.)  At this point, I'm fussing and sweating profusely, so we take a breather in the shade and it took him all of 20 minutes to decide to go to another movie theatre.  This time it was AMC Security Square 8.  So we walked up to Fayette Street to catch the 40 Bus, however the drama did not end there.  You see, Rick has a way of making me feel insecure when I'm with him.  (Teon used to the same thing.)  He swears up and down that people are staring and laughing at me because my face is beat for the Gods and I know this isn't true.  If anything they are staring because I'm the sexiest thing they've seen walking in the streets of Baltimore. Anyways, Rick likes to be sarcastic and unfortunately this is further evidence that Rick is just not the one for me, but I digress.

We finally got to AMC Security Square 8 and bought our tickets to Sparkle and I'll just say that Sparkle didn't sparkle enough for me.  I'm a huge fan of Jordin Sparks and I understand that this is her acting debut, but babygirl just wasn't ready for the role of Sparkle.  She needed some more acting lessons.  As for the other actors, including the late Whitney Houston, they were phenomenal and Carmen Ejogo is all kinds of pretty.  The true stand out of the movie for me were the hair (wigs), makeup, nails, and wardrobe/costumes.  I swear if women put themselves together like that today, there wouldn't be so many gays.  In conclusion, the movie ended just when the story plot was getting interesting.  No Dreamgirls by a long shot.

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