Friday, April 13, 2012


Rick's mom--Mrs. Mary Neal.  Yes mam honey.  She tried it last night.  After I came in from visiting my mother's house (by the way, my brother's in town), she told Rick that she needed to talk to him.  Apparently she told him that I talk to much.  Oh no that bitch didn't.  She claimed that I told Maria (Mary's daughter) that she's always giving Ricky (Mary's grandson) money whenever he stops by.  So we went at it because I have never even spoken to Maria especially concerning Mary or her damn grandson.   I will admit that I got up in her old ugly ass face and told her that if someone is bringing my name into anything that we need to nip this in the bud tonight.  She then got up and gave me attitude back.  Oh hold on you old bitch!  You don't want to get popped.

Rick then got in the middle of the whole ordeal and pushed me into the bedroom at which point we started to go at it.  He then proceeded to threaten and yell at me all while spitting in my face.  And then guess what happened?  That nigga put his hands around  my neck and told me that he would kill me.  Fuck that retarded nigga.  He claims that he would have never put his hands on me if I went into the room like he first told me too  but I don't care.  He should have NEVER put his hands on me.  I have NEVER put my hands on him.

After we went at it, Rick proceeds to call Maria to get the story straight.  And guess what?  Maria never even said that at all, of course.  We think Ricky might have lied to his grandmother and put my name in it because really Maria told Ricky not to accept any money from her.  That dumb bitch.  The nerve of her.

Now today Mrs. Mary wants to act like nothing happened.  But I got news for her old smelly ass.  I'm not fucking with her anymore.  I used to be nice and pretend to listen to her while she talked my ear off.  Not anymore bitch.  To be honest, I don't even think I want to fuck with Rick anymore after he put his hands on me.  Sometimes when we fight, I get kind of scared of his retarded ass.  And get this, Rick might be going to Los Angeles courtesy of his friend Chucky next Thursday.  He just told me last night.  WTF?  Plus he's going with his crazy ass friend Chris. (I'll speak on that crazy insecure nut another time.)  I really do love Rick, but if I wasn't homeless I really don't think I would be with him.  Who knows?  He is a fantastic guy nonetheless.

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