Tuesday, July 3, 2012

how did keith WEATHER THE STORM?

As you all know, the northeast region was hit with a massive storm Friday night/early Saturday morning.  Meteorologists are now calling it a derecho.  Now the worst part of it all is that this storm came with NO WARNING.  We're talking hurricane force winds in excess of 75 mph.  Maryland as well as it's neighboring states are really feeling its wrath because it has caused some major damage.  Fallen trees are everywhere knocking out power to millions.  In fact, our power went out around 12:30 AM Saturday morning but luckily it came back on around 12:30 PM Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately tens of thousands in the city still do not have power and have to bear the 90 degree plus weather to no avail including my mother.  A tree in her back yard fell partially on her garage as well as the back fence.  She says that there are a lot of trees down in her neighborhood including one in her neighbor's yard that fell on the power line.  She still has no power, phone, or cable.  The Baltimore Gas Electric Company estimates that all power will be restored by Friday however.  What a weekend?  The good thing is that I didn't miss the 2012 BET Awards.  Unfortunately it wasn't anything worth talking about.  Take it away Ms. Dineva.


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