Monday, October 22, 2012


Result of a fight back in June
Richard “Rick” Hunt and I are officially over.   I know I’ve said this before but this time I REALLY mean it.  Richard has shown me his true colors and I’m no longer invested in this relationship anymore. 
This whole situation started on Saturday night.  Richard came in the house pretty late from work. . . I’ll say around 10:30PM.  He didn’t greet me or anything.  Apparently he was still mad about the fact that I wouldn’t allow him to wear a pair of my shoes on Friday night.  I know I should have let him wear them, but I’m pretty selfish.  I’ll admit it.  Trust me I’m working on it.  He asks for the remote and I’m like No hello or anything.  But I save face and I proceed to ask if he talked to his bosses about my employment.  He says that he did but they didn’t say anything.  He’s been asking his bosses for a little over two weeks now, but their lazy asses haven’t gotten around to calling me.  So I continue to question him and ask why and he throws me shade, and I tell him Fuck it and that they don’t have to worry about hiring me, among other things. 
At this time, I’m ranting, raving and fussing and I happen to say that I’ll just use him the way his friend Chris does.   This is when the shit hit the fan.  He put his hands around my neck, chokes me and pushes me to the floor.  I’ll kill you, he says and he calls his friend John in the room for back up.  (You see John and his girlfriend are now staying with us on top Richard’s nephew, Ricky.  It’s funny how Richard used to make fun of the renters across the hall that had five residents in a one bedroom apartment and now he’s the butt of the joke.)  John tells Richard that he won’t jump in, but Richard proceeds to put on a show for his audience.  He’s in my face yelling and cursing all while choking and shoving me.  I swear he turned straight into Judas Iscariot.  He would have never treated me like that if his fan base weren’t in the next room watching and laughing.
I couldn’t believe that he would treat me like that.  But I will say that I’m not surprised.  He’s put his hands on me and treated me like utter shit in front of his friends before.  At this point I know that I should just leave but I have no place to go.  I’m stuck.  And I do appreciate all that Richard does and I realize that at times I give him a hard time, however that does not give him a right to put his hands around my throat.  I recently told him that I no longer trust him and to be quite honest, my love for him is ceasing faster that gas in an Escalade on the highway. 
In the end, we talked it out.  The police came shortly after and Richard ushered them away.  I’m not hurt physically but I am deeply hurt emotionally.  And as for Sade, Ricky, and John—they are on my SHIT LIST.  Richard told them that I would no longer open the door for them, but get this.  He says that he’ll get them all a key by today.  He just gave me a key less than two weeks ago and I’ve been asking for one for all of five months.  Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?
P.S.  Teon called me last night and I’m still not answering.  

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