Wednesday, January 11, 2012

so how was keith's NEW YEAR'S?

Well, I've done so much in the last couple of weeks that I'm going to save you the trouble and do a brief synopsis.

12/31:  Thanks to New York, I enjoyed a wonderful New Year's weekend.  We did some shopping at Towson Town Center (You know I had to step up his style game.) and then we ate dinner at my favorite restaurant, Friday's.

1/1:  I woke up that morning at the wonderful Quality Inn on St. Paul Street.  We ate at Uno's and then headed to The Gallery to continue shopping.  I have to mention that New York was nothing but generous.  Later that night we went to Landmark Theatre to check out Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Semaj "Chardonnay" Juante Daniels & Yours Truly
 1/3:  The fun continued when New York decided to treat my homegirl, Nay, and her boyfriend to a few festivities.  We did some more shopping at Towson Town Center and again we ate at my favorite restaurant.  You gotta love those Sesame Jack Chicken Strips.  We then stayed the night at the same Quality Inn.

1/4:  That morning while applying makeup, I dropped my Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder compact.  I was using Soft Honey 155.  So I decided to make a pit stop at Walgreen's.  Unfortunately a salesperson remembered me and tried to run me out of the store.  New York and Nay were with with me so I played it off like I didn't know what she was talking about.

1/6:  New York treats again.  This time at a shitty ass motel on North Ave.  I'm telling you that this motel is the worst that I have ever seen.  I was so pissed at New York for bringing me there but it really wasn't his fault.  He was persuaded by Nay to stay at that motel.  Apparently after a few prior stays there, she doesn't mind those rat-infested shithouses.  


1/7:  For the fourth time Rick's and my New York City trip was canceled.  Canceled at the last minute, like always.  This time Rick was a little hesitant because he wanted to save a few dollars to move into a different apartment to accommodate his mother as well as me.  We had a big fight but shortly got over it like we always do.  From there we ate at The Cheesecake Factory and then we saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Now I just have to talk about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  That movie was beyond miraculous.  It's a complex and fast-paced murder mystery that will leave you guessing as well as entertained.  The soft porn was kind of cool to look at to (but of course not the rape).  I also loved Rooney Mara's makeup as well as style.  I  just have to steal a few makeup ideas.  I also have to mention that I was taken back when Rooney Mara's character Lisbeth Salander made her transformation to basically rob a few European banks.  She was nothing but stunning in her blonde wig.  Who knew she was truly that beautiful?  You would never have guess it by looking at Lisbeth.

1/10:  I went to court.  Luckily Judge Kathleen M. Sweeney decided to reinstate my Probation Before Judgment.  I know have a little over a month to complete the 24 hours if community service.  In her words, "If I were you I would return [on 2/23] having completed the community service," or I'm looking at a conviction on my record.  Not only that but a guard and another young woman also persuaded me to finally do the community service.  Enough said.

And today I kind of made Rick late for work.  I stayed at his house last night.  In fact, he just called to check on me and apologize.  He was kind of fussing at me this morning for taking all of twenty minutes to get ready and out the door.  In his words, "I won't do that again,"  meaning have me spend the night before he has to go in to work the next morning.  Maybe we watched a little bit too much of Braxton Family Values on Comcast On Demand.

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