Friday, January 27, 2012

how long has keith BEEN AT THE HOMELESS SHELTER?

Men's Floor at The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Housing & Resource Center


A few updates shall we:

Julius "Andrea" Baxter
(drunk and passed the fuck out)

Julius "Andrea" Baxter is now at Safe Haven- a transitional housing program.

Semaj "Chardonnay" Juante Daniels has finally left the nest and is residing at a transitional home as of 1/24.  Let me also take the time to note how much I admire her.  To be released from jail back in September in a new city like Baltimore after having charges placed against her null processed and to gain everything she has now is nothing short of amazing.  I know that if I were her I would have took my ass back to North Carolina a long time ago.  But she stuck in there and is starting a new life right in this very city.  Now I won't neglect to mention that she is a little too loud and promiscuous however I hope we continue to remain friends through it all.

Charles "New York" Johnson
registered sex offender
New York is finally off the HOTLIST effective 1/17 which means that he can now receive a bed however it seems that New York is on some one's HITLIST.  As of recently, New York has mad a lot of enemies including his long time friends Lewis and Carlos.  He has even been warned by an unrelated third party that someone is out to get him and that he should stay away from the HRC for a few days.  Who is that person?  We have no idea.  Could be one of several people.

New gays to join the group:
Gigi (a t-girl who is known for giving "good head"),
Andre "Dre" Brown (a smart and laidback gay much like yours truly),
 Jay "JJ" Jonathan (trade that has a crush on Dre),
Hassan Muhammed (Nay's loquacious boyfriend),
and Chris (a crazy gay that doesn't know what he wants to be. 
One day he's in drag--the next he's such a boy.  WTF.)

Oh and Jason is still tryna holla at your boy.

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