Thursday, January 19, 2012

what's keith READING?

"It's a case of status cosmeticus!"  Colbert suddenly proclaimed.

"What are status cosmetics?"  I said distractedly, having lost my head in a reverie about the mystical origins of my lust for looks forever fair.

"Cos-me-ti-cus," he corrected me.  "That's what we call it when people use everything on their skin all the time and end up confusing their own epidermis into thinking it's under attack.  You've overstiulated your skin to the point wher your immune system is telling you, 'No more'."

"Oh my God!  What should I do?"

"Take a skin-cation," he ordered.  "Spend a month healing and soothing and seeking out facial oils."

Urge Overkill by Elizabeth Hayt

Elle, September 2011

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