Tuesday, August 14, 2012

who's calling keith LATE AT NIGHT?

Teon dropped a few text messages my way late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning of last week.  It was pretty much our usual conversation like "how are you doing, how's the family?"  That is until he asked if I was in a relationship.  I texted back, "No, I'm single." (Lie.)  So a minute later he actually gave my phone a ring.  This time I couldn't just send him to voicemail, so I answered his call.  We talked for a good 20 minutes teasing each other like we used to do about our TV show choices and the like.  He also asked me if I was working and I told him that I was working at Stop Shop & Save.  (Another lie.)  Before we ended our conversation, he proposed that we go out for lunch and I gladly agreed.  I still can't believe that I actually spoke to him.  As you know it has been almost a year and a half since I've done so.  But can someone answer this one question for me.  Why do I continue to lie?  I guess I'm trying to make myself look available so that he would have all the more reason to make advances at me.  Poor Rick.  He just doesn't know that I'm still not over Teon. 

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