Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I woke up early around 06:30 AM so that I could make it to work on time at 09:00 AM.  Once I got to work however I was told to not punch in.  After waiting a minute for the manager to let me in to her office, she tells me that I need to go to the Human Resources office on Friday.  I ask the manager, "Why?" and she says, " It's either because I didn't pass the drug test or because of my background check or because they want to send me to another store."  I was in total shock.  So, now I have to wait until Friday to figure out what is going on.  I hope it's not due to the shoplifting charge I took on a couple weeks ago.  If so, I don't see why they let me work a full week before letting me go.  I'm just so upset because I have no clue if I still have a job.  It took me forever to get that one.  I guess there's no need of stressing about it until I figure it out.  Hopefully, the HR associate will answer her phone today.  I need the 411. 

And I almost forgot to mention that security damn near escorted me out of the store.  Awe man.  This can't be good. 

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