Tuesday, May 10, 2011

what's keith WEARING?

I first discovered this brand in Walgreens back in September and to my surprise, Jordana Cosmetics is actually celebrating its 25th anniversary.  Who knew?  Well, I had no clue.  These eyeliners were pretty cheap so I decided to give them a try.  So, what did I think?

First off, I'm not going to go into a long spill about these eyeliners.  Nowadays, just about every brand of cosmetics carries a decent eyeliner pencil.  Eyeliners go back thousands of years.  So, no surprise there.  I'm going to simply test the claims of this product per the Jordana Cosmetics website.

Claim No. 1
[Rich, Dense Color Resists Fading]
Results:  Half true.  Great, rich pigmented color however it does fade throughout the day especially if applied in your tightline.  For longer wear, I set the liner with an eyeshadow. 

Claim No. 2
Results:  Straight up false.  Will smudge especially if you have oily skin.  Again, I like to set the liner with an eyeshadow to decrease smudging.

Claim No. 3
[Lines, Defines, Accentuates]
Results:  Affirmative.  Great for lining top and bottom lash lines.  Can create a line as thin or as thick as desired.  Nice metallic finish.

Claim No. 4
[Smooth-Glide Formula]
Results:  Spot on.  Doesn't tug on skin.  Glides fairly easily. Very smooth and creamy formula. 

Claim No. 5
[Stays Put In All Weather]
Results:  Epic Fail.  Trust me, it definitely wouldn't stand the test of time.  Enough said.

Conclusion:  Overall, it's a pretty decent liner.  In fact, it's very similar to the Wet n Wild Coloricon Brow & Eye Liner Pencils.  Same price point as well.  ($0.99) 
 Definitely worth a try.

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