Saturday, April 23, 2011


Marvin K. Dessaure, another young fellow who resides here at the shelter.  He's been here for all of about two weeks now and today we actually carried on somewhat of a conversation.  Marvin just turned 25 years of age on April 6th and he's from New York.  He says that he's at the shelter because he and his dad don't get along.  Tell me about it.  What I have yet to mention is that Marvin is a tall and bonefied cutie.  He, like me, stands out here. 

So, is he gay?  I think so.  And no, I'm not checking for him.  He's not my type.  I just hope that we can become friends.  I know that's a little far fetched but I would definitely like to get to know him.  But who am I kidding?  I'm probably bound to stay friendless for my entire life.  I'm too much of an introvert.  So for now, I'll just pray for him and wish him the best.

By the way, it looks like I'll be enjoying Easter Sunday at JHR.  My first major holiday at the shelter.  I'm sure the church will stop by to feed us.  My life sucks, for real.  If only I were rich.

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