Wednesday, June 8, 2011

who's keith IGNORING?

Teon, of course.  He called today while I was in the middle of reading Your Heart Belongs To Me by Dean Koontz.  04:49 PM to be exact.  I know.  How ironic?  I hit IGNORE on my phone and of course he sent a text message after the call.  Here it goes...

If u not talking to me that's fine, just want to make sure u r ok
04:51 PM
Yeah, what bullshit?  I'm guessing that since school is no longer in session he has a bunch of idle time on his hands and he just so happens to try to reach out and check on me.  He's a little too late, right?  I mean, why didn't he check on me last month or the month before when it was freezing outside?

I'm so over him.  Yeah right.  I wish I was but I'm really not.  When I went home today the first thing Glenda says as I walk through the door is "Kenny's been trying to reach you."  I said nothing as I walked up the steps to my bedroom.  She told him that I'm working now.  Well, I used to have a job- not anymore.  I hope to get my job back in about a month.  

Among other events I just so have to mention-  When Joe, one of Glenda's friends, came by the house to take Glenda to the airport, guess what Glenda says to me?  "When Joe comes in, don't go downstairs embarrassing me with that makeup on."  Yeah, can you believe it?  She really hurt my feelings and it's not like my makeup is detectable anyways.  She's just extremely insecure.  So, I was upstairs, unpacking my leather duffel bag, fading in the background as Glenda and Joe carried a conversation from two different stories of the house.  I'm not tripping, though.  All I have to say to Glenda is FUCK YOU BITCH.  And I know you all feel me on that.  Me embarrass her ugly-ass.  Her face is damn near touching the floor and she's embarrassed by me.  It's okay though.  What goes around comes around, right? 

Anyways, I won't let Glenda spoil my week in the house alone.  She doesn't know that I'm staying at the house while she's gone.  It'll be our little secret.  I'm not really overstepping my boundaries.  She just thinks that I'm stopping by the house each day to water the flowers and let Lexi out.  Yeah, and practically live here.

Alright.  In the words of B. Scott, "Double Kisses, Muah Muah".

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