Thursday, June 16, 2011


Guess who showed up tonight?  Paul.  Yes.  Girl, when I spotted him across the room, I just knew he would come over to me and sure nuff he did.  It's been a while since I've seen him.  He's trying really hard to get at yours truly.  He told me that his SSI benefits were approved and he'll get a lump sum of 2 stacks plus he'll get another check on July 1st.  He says that he wants to get a room with the money and he asked me to him.  Yeah girl.  At first I told him "NO" and I could tell he was a little disappointed, so eventually after his hundredth attempt, I told him that "I'll think about it."  He says he'll check up on me when his check comes.  By that time, I hope to not be here.  I mean his offer sounds really good right about now but I would be short changing myself by being with him.  He likes to get drunk and get high.  He says that he'll give all of that up for me but I told him that he should give all of that up for himself. 

And I forgot to mention that he's here because he has to be to court at North Ave in the morning.  And guess what?  So do I.  What are the odds.  I really don't feel like explaining my scenario to him.  Whatevs.  I'm so ready for bed. 

He's staring at me from across the room as I write.  You know it's funny because he asked me "Where could he find a nice, sweet boygirl?" as if he's some prize to be had because he has a little bit of money coming his way.  I told him, "We're hard to find."  Trust.  I'm not as nice as he thinks I am.  To be honest, I'm embarrassed to be seen even talking to him. 

Goodnight.  I'm in for a long day tomorrow.  I told my mother that I would mow the lawn at he Brooklyn Ave property.  I hope I remember how to get there.

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