Thursday, June 23, 2011


Two years ago on this date was the day that I first met Teon.  (Or was it?  Don't worry, I'll explain later.)  So, how did we meet?  Listen up because the story begins now...

On the early, early morning of June 23, 2009, I was feeling a little horny so I had put up an ad on Craigslist looking for sex.  My ad was titled "BLACK BOTTOM ISO HUNG BLACK TOP".  Yeah, the title says it all, doesn't it?  Anyways, guess who responded?  Teon, of course.  Our email conversation went as follows:

At 02:05 AM, Teon says, "Yo wassup, hit me back".
With that message, he attached this picture:
The crazy thing is that this picture really isn't even Teon.  Although, I had no clue at the time.  By the way, Teon's real dick doesn't dissappoint.  I just thought I would plug that in.

At 02:10 AM, I replied with, "What's up?  Where u located?  U tryna travel or host?"

At 02:12 AM, he says, "Travel, I'm downtown, where u @? U live alone?".

At 02:13 AM, "I'm in Dundalk.  Yeah, I live alone."

02:14 AM, "Ok u got a face pic?"

At 05:15 AM, I responded with, "yeah.  it's attached.  U?" and I attached a cropped picture of me smiling.

At 02:17 AM, he says, "Yea it is attached, he you go..." and the following was attached:

02:22 AM, "Alright.  U comin thru?"

02:26 AM, "Yea, what's ya address?"

On a side note, while I was talking with Teon, I was also exchanging emails with James Harris, another bootycall prospect.  However, our conversation was short.  I don't think James was serious.  Anyway...

At 02:36 AM, I respond with, "6816 RedXXXX way Dundalk Md 21222".

02:38 AM, "Ok u got a phone number?"

02:41 AM, "Yeah.  410 948 XXXX.  When do you think you'll get here?"

02:43 AM, "Like 20 mins".

That was the first lie Teon ever told me.  On the real tip, it was more like an hour.

At 02:44 AM, I say, "Alright.  Call me when you get here."

02:44 AM, "Ok cool".

So, about 45 minutes later, Teon shows up at my door.  I then showed him to my room and we actually got right into it.  We took our clothes off and I went down on him for no more than 15 seconds.  We then roughed it on my bed, during which he told me that he wanted to make love and he tried to kiss me.  However, looking into his mouth, I really wasn't trying to kiss him.  I thought his teeth were disgusting.  Anyways, less than 5 minutes later, Teon pulled out and ejaculated on my face, chest and abdomen.  I remember that I was amazed by how much cum Teon had spit on me.  Let's just say Teon is definitely a sprayer.  I then told Teon to lick my nipples while I masturbated. 

Afterward, he put his clothes back on, and we began a conversation.  He told me stories of his military experience and why he chose to leave the service which I later found out was a lie.  He didn't choose to leave.  He was discharged for reasons that will remain undisclosed.  Anyway, we talked for a good while and I have to say that I really thought he seemed like a really nice guy.  I definitely wanted to get to know him more and I could tell that he felt the same. 

Soon thereafter, we had sex again.  And again I was amazed by how much Teon had sprayed on me.  It kind of turned me on.  He then helped me masturbate once again.  Afterward, I put the comforter in the washing machine because it was soaked, and then we continued talking.  And then he pressured me into giving him some more of my cookies.  I happily obliged and this time Teon ejaculated in my ass.  By the way, we never used protection during this whole fuck session. 

To sum it all up, I think that was the day I fell in love with Teon.  I just needed to know more about him.  He seemed like a sweetheart.  About a month later, we officially started a monogamous relationship.  During our honeymoon phase, Teon even used to call me "sweet potato" because he thought I was extremely nice to him.

{Other firsts for Teon and I to note-

Our first official date:  @ Broadway Diner

Our first movie:  Star Trek }

Now fast forward to June 23, 2010, our relationship was literally in shambles.  In fact, I was fighting for us while Teon had essentially given up.  He lost all hope and wanted to move on.  I, on the other hand, wouldn't give up so easily.  So, I wrote him a heartfelt letter and gave him a promise ring.  The ring I gave him was actually my high school ring.  I attended Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and graduated in 2005, if you must know.  Anyhow, do you think he even wore it?  You guessed it.  He refused to wear it partly because he graduated from City College, my high school's rival school, and I think partly because he was over me.  I can't blame him though.

And today, June 23, 2011, Teon and I practically have NO kind of relationship.  I haven't spoken to or seen him since March 4, 2011.  Now for the last month Teon has made several attempts at reaching me, however I declined to answer his calls.  Why have I ignored his calls, you ask?  Just for the simple fact that I know by talking to him will only resurface the feelings I have for him.  In addition, whenever his name pops up on my cell phone, I think about the time Teon once said, "If I won the Mega-Millions, I'd give you a million dollars to leave me alone."  With that being said, shouldn't I give Teon the pleasure of a life without me?  It's what he wants after all.  I've just about given up all hope that we'll get back together.  Don't get me wrong.  I want to be with him so bad.  He's the only man I see myself with.  But why sweat it?  I'm sure I'm like his hundredth ex-boyfriend.  He has a lot of practice at moving on.  I'm still a newbie at the heartbreak hotel. 

In the end, I know that I can only learn from this experience.  At the end of the day, it only makes me a stronger person.  And for the record, I forgave Teon for what he did.  What you did is not UnforgivableI'm at peace with my circumstances.  I'm starting to realize that its meant to be- all in the master plan.  Plus, I can't change the past.  I can only learn from it and move on.  I really love me and there are people out here that love me too.  I get it now. 

Teon, if I never see you again or ever speak to you again, I really do wish you the best.  You deserve it and so do I.


Now, why do I question whether or not Teon and I first met two years ago?  Well, it's simple, I think Teon and I were involved in a threesome on May 28, 2008.  The ménage à trois was a one night stand and to my recollection, Teon was there.  Or at least I think it was Teon.  The guy in question was unattractive, resembled Teon and was well-endowed, overweight with a hanging gut, and he also came to an orgasm fairly quickly.  All traits of Teon yet I'm not 100% certain.  Oh well, I'll probably never know for sure. 

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